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Project Information Worksheet

General information about your RSAP project is entered on the Project Information Worksheet.  The only required information is a name for the project and this must be entered in the yellow highlighted cell.  The values in the rose-colored cells can be changed by the user or the RSAP default values can be retained.  If you make some changes in the rose-colored cells and change your mind you can always restore the RSAP defaults by selecting the "Restore RSAP Defaults" button.  When all the yellow and rose colored cells are completed, the "Traffic Info" button will appear in the control form at the bottom.  This indicates that all the information required by this worksheet has been supplied either by the user or RSAP and you are ready to proceed to the next step.


1. If there is already a name entered in the yellow highlighted cells and you want to change it, select the "Clear User Information" button or just type a new name into the cell.

2. Choose a new name for your project and enter it in the yellow highlighted cell at the upper left.

3. Review the economic data shown in the rose-colored cells.  If the values shown are acceptable skip to the next step.  If you would like to use different values for some or all of the cells make changes in the rose colored cells of the worksheet.  RSAP requires the following inpu:

·    A Title Scribble12

·    Units

·    Design Life

·    Construction Year

·    Rate of Return

·    Use of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) values during life?

·    Expand to current year by GDP?

·    GDP deflator to Construction Year

·    Base year for crash cost data

·    Value of Statistical Life (VSL)

·    Reference for VSL

4. When you are satisfied with all the information on the work sheet select the "Traffic Info >" button.  Notice that the "Traffic Info >" button will not appear until or unless all the yellow and rose cells have values.  Pressing "Traffic Info" takes you to the Traffic Information Worksheet.


There are five buttons available on the Project Information Tab:

·    Start a New Project

·    Open Existing Project

·    Clear User Information

·    Restore RSAP Defaults

·   Traffic Info