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RSAP Controls Dialog

The RSAP Controls Dialog Box Scribble6contains context sensitive prompts and context sensitive button controls to help with data entry.  This dialog box is consistently displayed on the left side of the screen, however, it can be moved or resized.  Hints about the appropriate next step are displayed at the bottom-left of the dialog box and the worksheet specific buttons are displayed along the right panel of the box.  The left panel of the box provides tabs to navigate between the different Worksheets and input tasks. 

The RSAP Controls Dialog Box hint box is a valuable asset when not sure which step to take next.  The context sensitive prompts at the bottom of the box assist in program workflow comprehension and provide direction toward the next step. The controls in the left panel assist in navigation from one worksheet and input task to the next. 

Generally, the data entry should proceed smoothly using the tabs and buttons in the RSAP Controls Dialog but if the RSAP Controls Dialog Box is inadvertently closed or disappears for any reason it can be reopened by selecting CTRL-S on the keyboard.  All the data entered up until this point will still be in the Worksheets so data entry and analysis can proceed as usual.

There are xx tabs in the RSAP Controls Dialog box, most of which are associated with Worksheets:

·    Project - Project Information Worksheet

·    Traffic - Traffic Information Worksheet

·    Highway - Road Segments Worksheet

·    Alternatives - Alternatives Worksheet

·    X-Section - Cross-Section Worksheet

·    Analyze - Button for starting the analysis and setting analysis options

·    Results - Results Worksheet

·    Settings - Options for setting screen and environment variables

·    Hazards - Severity Worksheet

The work-flow process for preforming an analysis follows the same order as the Worksheets and the RSAP Controls Dialog Scribble6 Box provides a step-by-step path through the data entry and analysis process.