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Traffic Information Worksheet

Information about the traffic characteristics of your RSAP project are entered on the Traffic Information Worksheet.  The user must enter at least the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) in the design year and the expected Traffic Growth Rate.  A Traffic Growth rate of 2% is typical.  These two required values must be entered in the yellow cells. 

Additional information is assumed by RSAP and is shown in the rose colored cells.  This information can be either accepted as is or changed by the user.  Generally, RSAP analyses should use the AADT at the mid-year of the projects life but this can be changed to either the design year or the end-of-life year if desired by the user.  The Traffic Mix can also be changed from the default by entering the appropriate percentages of motorcycles, passenger vehicles and trucks.  If the sum of the Traffic Mix percentages do not add up to 100 an error message will appear requesting that the values be changed such that they equal exactly 100. 

When valid information is present in all the yellow and rose Colored cells, the "Highway Info" button will appear in the form at the lower right.  Select "Highway Info" to proceed to the Road Segments Worksheet.


1. Enter the AADT Scribble22 in the cell provided,

2. Enter the Traffic Growth Rate in the cell provided,

3. Indicate which year RSAP should calculate the AADT for to use in the analysis.  The mid-life is the default and is recommended.

4. Enter the Traffic Mix Scribble23 information in the cells provided or accept the defaults.  The sum of the column must equal 100.

5. Accept the default Vehicle Crash Cost Adjustment FactorsScribble51 unless you have data to indicate other values are more appropriate.

6. Additional Vehicle Types can be added.  For instructions see the Engineer's Manual.


·    Clear User Information

·    Restore RSAP Defaults

·    < Project Info -- returns the user to the Project Information Worksheet 

·    Highway Info > -- advances the user to the Road Segments Worksheet Scribble30