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Vehicle Crash Cost Adjustment Factor

The severity distributions of crashes used within RSAPv3 was developed from police-level crash records which represent predominantly passenger cars.  The average crash costs represented by the VSL represent the general vehicle fleet which is predominantly composed of passenger cars.  It becomes difficult, therefore, to distinguish between different crash costs in areas dominated by heavy vehicles or in scenarios where a particular Vehicle Type is of greater concern (e.g., possibly installing a higher test level barrier) if crash costs for all vehicles types are lumped together in the VSL.  A Crash Cost Adjustment can be supplied for each Vehicle Type in the right portion of the vehicle mix table.  A factor of 3.52 is the default value for trucks; passenger vehicles should always remain at 1.0 and motorcycles are 0.56.  According to these default adjustments, a typical truck crash has a crash cost that is more than 300% greater than the typical passenger car collision and a typical motorcycle crash has a crash cost that is 56% of a typical passenger car collision.  This value may be changed if local data are available.  A value of 1 should be used when no adjustment is desirable.  More information on how this value was derived can be found in the Engineer's Manual.   The vehicle crash cost adjustment factor is entered on the Traffic Information Worksheet.