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RSAP is coded entirely in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) within MicroSoft Excel.  RSAP 3.0.0 will run in Excel 2007 or newer running under Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.  The version of RSAP, Excel and Windows detected on your system is printed in the startup splash screen as well as on the Results Worksheet.

The default distribution version runs on 32-bit computers using the 32-bit version of Excel.  If you have a 64-bit computer and use the 64-bit version of Excel contact the development team to get the 64-bit version of RSAP.  The 64-bit version uses a slightly different library for some functions but otherewise the code is identical to the 32-bit RSAP.

The current public release is RSAPv3 3.0.1 Release 130304 which was released on 4 March 2013.

RSAPv3 3.0.1 Releasae 121024 was released on 24 October 2013.

The first public release of RSAPv3 was version; 3.0.0 Release 121024 of RSAPv3 was released on 24 October 2012.